Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Creative CV

After a recent set of lectures on professional studies looking at copyright and CVs I completed the set assignment, to create a creative CV. The assignment brief suggested that the CV be published on our blogs if we wished, and i thought that this was both fitting and apropriate, so heres my CV!

(If you require a complete copy of my CV please contact me)

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Digital Disperse

Being a great purveyor of innovation and tradition I decided to use digital disperse within my work, as I am working on a modern project. I was incredibly happy with the results. This was my first time using the mimaki for disperse, and it worked fantastically! Here are some of my digital designs prepped and ready for the mimaki (and adhering to the colour atlas):

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Origami Obsession

As part of embracing different levels and elements of Japanese culture I began to indulge in the art of origami. Origami is something Ive never quite got to grips with in the past, so with patience and determination I set out to learn how to make one of the most recognisable symbols of Japanese culture; the Crane. After a few attempts I was pleased with my Cranes and soon became origami mad. I found the pass time both soothing and relaxing, and began working on the concept of creating a graphic print from 'crane chains', which reflect the Japanese tradition to make 1000 cranes and have a wish come true. With that in mind I designed the graphic prints below. I also adapted this idea to the concept of making fabric from actual cranes (below).

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Japanese project

As my Japanese project begins to develop I find myself once again turning to text and typography as an inspirational force. I seem unable to turn my back on my love for type, but I will try to limit it within this project!
After studying Japanese textiles for 2 years at college I initally found it dificult to move away from the traditional themes I enjoy, but after some project research I had a more clear focus on modern Japanese design, as opposed to ancient.

But, for old times sake, lets take a look at my bold step into the modern world!

From hand made, hand embriodered Kimono (and a rather ridiculous model :P):

To modern, graphic prints:

And Ill leave you with that stroll down memory lane!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Future Beauty at The Barbican

Our new project has been roughly outlined and will revolve around the exhibition 'Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion' which many members of the second year visited today, myself included.
This was my first trip to The Barbican Gallery, and I must admit I was shocked by its humble and hidden exterior. Inside the gallery was obviously a very modern and airy space.
I found some garments within the exhibition inspirational, particularly those by Mint Designs and Rei Kawakubo. Seeing Issey Miyake's work first hand was also a useful resource for my on going essay on Innovation and Tradition.

The exhibition runs until 6th February 2011, for more information or tickets visit:


And here's a rather ridiculous photo of me wearing my new 'political statement' hat at Covent Garden:

Monday, 1 November 2010

Final Prints: Screen

Here are some of my traditional prints created using the designs on my screen and/or disperse. They also use free motion emboridary in areas. These are some of the final prints within my collection:

Final Prints: Mimaki

Here are some of my final mimaki prints for the 'Rule Britannia' project. The digital prints were always intended to be a base fabric for my collection, with overprinting using a screen an intended feature to create a mixture between old and new (possibly an idea influenced by my essay on Tradition and Innovation). I also decided to leave some of my prints as purely digital designs.
Here are a selection of my favourite final prints, all are digital print with traditional screen printing and one also features free motion machine embroidery:

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mimaki Printing

The printing of my mimaki backgrounds is now complete! This week Ill be in the print room screen printing onto the mimaki prints, but here are my prints, in the making!:

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Jacquard Weaving

I have had my first attempt at weaving designs using our Jacquard facility at university. I familiarised myself with software I have never used before (Jacquard Designer and Apos Digital Assistant) and used it to create a design from my paperwork. I felt that the first weave was such a success I proceeded to change the design and weave a second variation the next day.

Here are my results as they were created, the Jacquard in action:

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Anchor Supplies visit

I paid a visit to Anchor supplies army surplus store in order to purchase some vintage supplies for my project, and with the hope of being inspired. I was accompanied on the trip by fellow juniour designer Faye Currie.
We both searched the dank and fusty warehouses for something to bring merit and personality to our projects. I found a large variety of different button, original uniform patches, maps and many interesting elements to incorperate in my project.
Here are a few snaps from my visit, and of some purchases:

Friday, 8 October 2010

Medals and Medal Ribbons

I found this topic to be most patriotic and the one which i could best express what the British empire meant to me, largely because I have a passion for history and I found that through this topic I could express many concepts and emotions important to me, Which was an important factor as I still felt a keeness to make the project very personal.

Here are some of my early studies of medals:

Tea and cake?

The topic of Tea cups, cake stands etc was probably the one which I found most challenging, as it can be difficult to be successfully creative with a kitsch subject, but I was rather pleased with some of my studies, here are some examples:

Birds & Fish

I began observing the different suggested themes within the project rather early in my sketchbook. Firstly I looked at the topic 'Birds & Fish, here are a few of the resulting studies:

History of Great Britain

For the third time in a row, my sketchbook is a book I am recycling. Previously I used an old music book, and then a diary, but this time I have opted for a historical book, quite aptly about Great Britain. I will admit that this was no coincidence, I spent numerous days early in the project searching for the right book to give a second life.
Although working in old books can be a controvertial point with some, I admit that I throughly enjoy it, as I am breathing a second life into an unloved, disgarded book, which otherwise would most likely be left to rot, but it all a matter of opinion!

Anyway! Here is my rather beaten sketchbook:

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Soldier's Story

Here are some photographs I took of the medals on display at Derby Museum in the Regimental section of the museum. The permanant exhibition area is entitled 'Soldier's Story'. I felt that this first hand resource was very benifitial in my project and I took time to observe uniforms, flags and various items of historical significance.

Friday, 25 June 2010

A British Summer!

As summer has progressed so too has my summer project. Ive taken the time to regularly focus hard on what I think sums up Britishness and elements which I feel make me personally a Brit. So with a lot of attempting to embrace my heritage Ive been looking everywhere for quintessentially British things.
For the first part of the summer holiday I focused largely on existing products and market research, looking at fabrics, graphics, home and fashion goods and virtually anything I felt a personal appeal towards which revolved around the given topics and around britishness in general. I found many on trend prints and items, especially during the world cup (it seems the patriotic market was anticipated and cornered) and high end home furnishings seemed a wealthy resource of British textiles.

With a great glut of Strawberries and cream (largely due to picking a vast quantity at a PYO field in Derbyshire) and a hoard of papers, stamps, tickets and packaging ready to recycle in my collages. The project was forcing me to embrace my eclectic British nature somewhat this summer!

And heres a summer snap of me 'Picking my Own':

Monday, 21 June 2010

The results are in ...

Thats right! Year one is over! Im a second year textiles student! Scary stuff! And I am thoroughly happy with my results! All A-'s in Practical, written and visual studies modules! So a year of hard work and dedication has paid off! And all looks thoroughly promising on the print front, as my lecturers agree with my choices and support me with them :)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Rule Britannia!

Well the new project has arrived! What an exciting new project it is! The title of Summer project is 'Precious Paper' and is all about collage. As someone who rather enjoys working onto collaged surfaces and involving recycling within my work, this element interested me. The topic of the collages are 'The British Empire' and we have been asked to select from 3 specific areas (one or more can be chosen): 1. Cups, Saucers, Cake Stands. 2. Medals and Medal Ribbons. 3. Fish and Birds. All of the themes set my mind in motion and as a follower of print trends I began to form detailed ideas for each topic. With a sketchbook to start and several large pieces to complete I am working hard at market research and developing my own unique view of the project already!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Here comes the sun!

Summer is beginning to rear its head! And with creative freedom and a project to look forward to heres to the summer!

'It seems like years since its been here, Here comes the sun!' (and the Strawberries!)

Im currently embracing my favourite fruit, the strawberry! Anybody for strawberries and cream!? :D

(Just a few snaps) Enjoy your summer everyone x

Sunday, 30 May 2010

End of Year One!

That's right, Friday was hand in day for all my work, so year one of my degree is officially over! How time flies! Naturally I have a lot of personal work which I want to complete over the summer, so my blog will still be as active as ever!

I have passed my context modules, Achieving an A on my final essay about challenging gender stereotypes within design so its just the waiting game for my practical grades.

Here's to a creative summer and the end of year one! Hopefully Ill achieve good grades and be accepted onto my chosen specialism, Print!

Monday, 17 May 2010

'Weave' been busy!

Sorry, I apologise, no more bad weave puns, although they were looming. Ill stop, I imagine your all yarning.
Yes, completing my weave and therefore virtually all my practical work for year one created that out-burst of poor humour.

After a tiring but worthwhile month my weave is complete, all that remains is to cut and mount my final samples and make my finished piece, a corset. Its taken 6 metres but my weaves are ready and raring for some finishing touches.

And in a reminiscent farewell I wave goodbye to my loom (for now):

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Weaving History

On a trip to my hometown of Nottingham I visited the Medieval Market on the square. Immediately a rather large vertical Loom caught my eye and interested me:

I inquired about the loom and discussed it with the lady (in full medieval attire) who was giving demonstrations. I enquired if she was weaving linen as I had always wanted to see wet weaving. She was infact weaving a coarse wollen fabric suitable for a tunic. I asked if she carded and spun her own wool, it didnt surprise me to hear that she did (mostly because Id already spotted her basket of fleece.
She was also hand weaving a trim for a tunic as well as doing a tapesty.

The market was in abundance with textiles, including; leather mugs, rag weaves, recycled textiles, felt and many more crafty things!
The market was just one of the events celebrating Robin Hood month. Celebrate medieval history with fun events for all the family throughout may, visit the website for more details:


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Get Weaving!

Well, its been a busy few weeks, what with making my warp. This was a new challenge and I had heard tell of the soul destroying process of making a warp from other students. I was eager to begin my weave so jumped at the chance to start my warp. Winding the yarns onto the warping mill was easy enough, even if it was dizzying at times. Winding the yarn onto the Loom was time consuming (with over 6 metres of yarn to wind and having decided to have a double warp it was bound to take time) but not incredibly trying. Threading the loom however was a different matter. Threading almost 200 needles in sequence was frustrating to say the least. And when the hard work was over, my warp broke several times, needing to be mended on various occasions.

Despite a few little hiccups I got into the swing of weave very easily and I'm currently enjoying producing my samples, here are some quick snaps of my progress so far:

'We sleep, but the loom of life never stops, and the pattern which was weaving when the sun went down is weaving when it comes up in the morning.' - Henry Ward Beecher.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Bradford Textile Society Award Ceremony

Today was the day of the Bradford Textile Society design seminar and Award presentation! The long, busy day left me somewhat exhausted, but it was rewarding to see my work on display and to have achieved something.

As I rather foolishly forgot to photograph my entry before it was posted, here I finally bring you a photograph of my board!
Here is my 2nd prize entry in the Clothworkers' Foundation award for First Year Students for a Knitted Fabric in any Fibre or Blend (quite a mouth full I know!):

The day began at around 6.20 for me, travelling to Derby and walking to university, something I do every day (although never in a dress!). Unable to catch the election results before I began my journey I bought a paper on the way, only to see my strong support of Labour had not been enough to win them the election. We left on a University of Derby mini-bus for Bradford at 9am, managing the journey at a fair pace until we arrived at Bradford and got lost attempting to find the 'Rio Grande', our first port of call for registration. Eventually we arrived and were then taken on a tour of the 'Bombay Stores, which boasts the title of the 'UK's Largest Asian Department Store'. In a word the place was incredible. Everything seemed to shimmer or sparkle or glint, and the rolls and rolls of fabric and ribbon got me snapping away madly:

As usual I could see inspiration and ideas everywhere, so a few close ups were rather tempting too:

After the tour of 'Bombay Stores' we returned to Rio Grande for lunch. I decided this was the perfect time to take some photos and fly the flag for the University of Derby, and here are all the UoD prize winners (I'm far left lol):

And Jackie and Kay:

After lunch we walked to the National Media Museum to view all the winning entries on display and then have our design seminar and award presentation. The seminar was given by Sabine Le Chatelier of Premiere Vision. Then everyone received their awards from President John Dyson.
Congratulations to all the designers who entered into the Bradford Textile Society Design Competition, well done to everyone and thank you to the society and its sponsors for an enjoyable day. Best of luck for next year everyone! :)