Friday, 25 June 2010

A British Summer!

As summer has progressed so too has my summer project. Ive taken the time to regularly focus hard on what I think sums up Britishness and elements which I feel make me personally a Brit. So with a lot of attempting to embrace my heritage Ive been looking everywhere for quintessentially British things.
For the first part of the summer holiday I focused largely on existing products and market research, looking at fabrics, graphics, home and fashion goods and virtually anything I felt a personal appeal towards which revolved around the given topics and around britishness in general. I found many on trend prints and items, especially during the world cup (it seems the patriotic market was anticipated and cornered) and high end home furnishings seemed a wealthy resource of British textiles.

With a great glut of Strawberries and cream (largely due to picking a vast quantity at a PYO field in Derbyshire) and a hoard of papers, stamps, tickets and packaging ready to recycle in my collages. The project was forcing me to embrace my eclectic British nature somewhat this summer!

And heres a summer snap of me 'Picking my Own':

Monday, 21 June 2010

The results are in ...

Thats right! Year one is over! Im a second year textiles student! Scary stuff! And I am thoroughly happy with my results! All A-'s in Practical, written and visual studies modules! So a year of hard work and dedication has paid off! And all looks thoroughly promising on the print front, as my lecturers agree with my choices and support me with them :)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Rule Britannia!

Well the new project has arrived! What an exciting new project it is! The title of Summer project is 'Precious Paper' and is all about collage. As someone who rather enjoys working onto collaged surfaces and involving recycling within my work, this element interested me. The topic of the collages are 'The British Empire' and we have been asked to select from 3 specific areas (one or more can be chosen): 1. Cups, Saucers, Cake Stands. 2. Medals and Medal Ribbons. 3. Fish and Birds. All of the themes set my mind in motion and as a follower of print trends I began to form detailed ideas for each topic. With a sketchbook to start and several large pieces to complete I am working hard at market research and developing my own unique view of the project already!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Here comes the sun!

Summer is beginning to rear its head! And with creative freedom and a project to look forward to heres to the summer!

'It seems like years since its been here, Here comes the sun!' (and the Strawberries!)

Im currently embracing my favourite fruit, the strawberry! Anybody for strawberries and cream!? :D

(Just a few snaps) Enjoy your summer everyone x