Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Danse Macabre

As part of my current personal design and customization work I have recently started developing a number of ambitious jacket projects, one featuring entirely my own artwork, and the other themed around a subject/attitude which interests me greatly; Danse Macabre.

Danse Macabre (Dance of Death) is a Medieval allegory which focuses upon the premise that no matter ones station or virtues in life, death, inevitably, comes to us all. During this historical period this was an intensely important message and consideration, as plagues and pestilence ravaged the population it was always important to remember that whether King or Laborer, none are exempt from the inevitable. I feel that this harsh reminder of mortality is still an important message and, like Memento Mori, reminds us to use our time and lives wisely.

I chose to base the jackets illustrations upon the Woodcuts of Hans Holbein the Younger, which in the true tradition of Danse Macabre show death spares none, despite their faith, power or wealth. The jacket is intended as both a homage to the artists skills, as well as the message, and truth of Danse Macabre.

'The Abbess' and 'The Abbot' are the main features of the reverse of he jacket.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Petite Portrait

I recently spotted a small plaster cast frame in an antique shop for a few pounds. Unable to resist the appealing petite piece I purchased it, removed the hideous art from its frame, conducted some minor repairs and finally painting a small Rhinoceros Beetle within the frame.
I found the strange, bizarre idea of featuring a beetle in the frame very appealing, especially after visiting the Natural History Museum and seeing many specimens first hand. I look forward to displaying the little fellow in my own home along side my other eerie artistic creations.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


After many months of eager anticipation (and more than a few sleepless nights) the day of my Graduation finally arrived. Thankfully, a deluge of snow failed to postpone the awards ceremony and the presentations went ahead as planned.

It was a great honor to receive my Degree surrounded by so many deserving and hard working individuals (and friends), I hope that they found receiving their degree as rewarding as I did. To receive such a high level of recognition for the fruits of ones labor was a fantastic achievement.

Many thanks to my family, loved ones and fellow Graduands for making the day a perfect one!

May I wish my fellow graduates all the success in the world!

Sunday, 13 January 2013


As I have enjoyed completing a number of restoration and repainting projects in the past few months I decided a new and more ambitious project will be my next undertaking. I purchased a large gilded frame from an antique shop, which I intend to repair to its full glory.

Repairing the frame will involve creating molds of the decoration to replace damaged sections of the frame, as well as repairing general wear and tear which the frame has suffered before finally repainting  the frame and displaying my own artwork within it. This extent of repair is not something which I have attempted before, but Im always eager to undertake a challenge and learn new skills!