Monday, 30 July 2012


It has been many years since I had the time to partake in any recreational embroidery, however this summer has provided the perfect opportunity to utilize an old skill.
As a nod to a largely forgotten Heavy Metal tradition, I chose to embroider (as opposed to paint) the logos of bands onto one of my heavily customized jackets. Though a time consuming labor of love, I have had aspirations to once again pay homage to this traditional method since visiting the 'Home of Metal' Exhibition a few years ago.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Creative Curriculum Vitae

A great many things been achieved since my previous Creative CV post in my second year, and as I am now officially seeking employment as a qualified print designer I decided it was important to invest some time updating my CV.

So here is my brand new up-to-date CV!

If you would like to receive a full copy of my CV via email or post, please do not hesitate to request one.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fresh Aesthetics

For some time I have considered updating the aesthetics of my blog. After a little deliberation, I decided it would be apt to have a blog header which reflected my most recent work, and an updated, more versatile layout. I echoed certain elements in my new template, as I was satisfied with the overall simplicity of my blogs layout, but it needed a little refining.

So its farewell to my old blog layout and welcome to my brand new header!

Feedback and opinions most welcome!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Arts Thread

My Arts Thread online graduate portfolio is newly updated and fully live to the public. The portfolio features a small selection of my design work which I feel best represents my style, skills and the techniques which I am familiar with.

Please feel free to visit Arts Thread and view my portfolio on the following link:

Monday, 2 July 2012

New Designers 2012

Last week saw me take up residence for a week in London while I exhibited my work at New Designers along side thousands of the years best design graduates from across the UK.

Having the chance to exhibit my work at the largest Graduate Design Exhibition in the country was a wonderful opportunity and an incredibly enjoyable experience.

As one of 14 students selected from the University of Derby I was allocated one 9ft board on which to display pieces from my collection. Condensing down my show from 4 boards to one was a challenging process, however I feel that I successfully displayed a range of my fabrics to the public.

The theme chosen to display a representation of everyone else on the courses work was the jubilee. This topical theme created a lot of discussion amongst visitors.

Many thanks to the thousands of people who visited New Designers over the week and helped support young design talent in Britain. Thank you to the numerous people who picked up one of my business cards, our exhibition catalogue or asked to see my portfolio, your interest and appreciation of my work is valued very highly.