Friday, 9 December 2011

Ill Omens

Of late Ive been incredibly busy working on my dissertation, but I am still finding time to build up my collection of studies. To take a small break from flora I have focused on fauna for a few weeks, looking at symbolic animals, particularly sinister ones, here are a few examples of my recent studies:

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Timorous Beasties, Clerkenwell

During my visit to the V&A I also took the time to visit the Timorous Beasties showroom in Clerkenwell, to aid both my studio and context work.
The designs were breathtaking. As a printer I enjoy the labour intensive, hand process of screen printing, so I loved seeing hand printed lengths of wallpaper and getting to see their fabric ranges up close for the first time.
Having printed 3 metre lengths on fabric in the past I was especially interested to observe the paper pigments and different effects they can be used to create.
The assistant was incredibly friendly and helpful, so I encourage anyone interested in contemporary design, especially print, and in textiles with a concept, visit the Timorous Beasties showroom now!

Monday, 5 December 2011

V&A Inspiration

Today I visited the Victoria & Albert museum in London with the hope of being inspired by a range of different pieces on display, and with the hope of viewing a number of prints key to my studies.
The vast range of items on display had so many wonderful visual elements that I took hundreds of photographs. Below are just a few of these. I hope to use these for inspiration within my work, for colour, themes and visual style.