Friday, 28 October 2011

Wood Blocks

During a recent visit to Oxfam, I spotted some interesting wood blocks/stamps. Most of the stamps were of floral motifs, which Im hoping may be useful within my project, however christmas stamps are also available from the Oxfam website.

I regularly visit Oxfam as its very useful for people interested in craft and design. A lot of people dont consider using Oxfam to buy supplies, but I have bought sketchbooks, second hand books and even a pin cushion from Oxfam. Their ethical crafts range is continuing to grow, so if your currently looking for any supplies, my local Oxfam has the afore mentioned wood blocks, pin and button tins and lots of crafty proects for children.

For more ethical craft and design items, call in to your local Oxfam or take a look on their website:

Saturday, 22 October 2011

New Books!

As a self confessed bookworm and someone obsessed with aquiring knowledge, I'm pleased to say I have two new books to add to my growing collection. I still feel a deep sense of joy and excitement when I buy, or am given a new book (or indeed an old one) so Ive been thumbing through both of these with shameless excitement.

'The Picture Book' was a very thoughtful birthday gift from fellow students Jodie Hatton and Jenni Gregory. With all sorts of interesting and often bizarre examples of contemporary illustration, its right up my street. Full of a huge range of studies in virtually every media imaginable, definitely recommended for those always searching for inspiration.

'The Book of Skulls' was a rather personal purchase. After spotting a feature on it on the guardian website I became intrigued and quickly ordered it. The book is instantly incredibly visual, with its highly contrasting cover and exposed binding it looks very unique. The book looks largely at what the skull means to society, art and design and how it is used in a huge variety of ways by so many people. If like me your interested in the macabre, symbolism in art, design and graphics or just appreciate some genius work, its a must.

Both books can be found to buy on the internet, if your interested here are just two of the retailers stocking them at the moment:

Friday, 14 October 2011

Caution: Work in Progress

My desk has become the nerve centre for my project at the moment. Having everything to hand in my own mini studio is proving the most efficient way of working. I have begun painting my repeats themed around the Seven Deadly Sins and floral symbolism (in my beloved Winsor & Newton watercolours). Researching the symbolism thoroughly has been a time consuming process, however it is an essential part of my design work as the subtle, subliminal meanings of the patterns are so important.
Here are a few snaps of my desk, and some flowers I cut from my Nans garden and greenhouse to study.