Saturday, 27 March 2010

My new favourite technique ...

As a self confessed print obsessive I have definitely developed a new favourite technique in the current project; Expanding puff binder. Its fun, has a lot of wonder and excitement (if your a sad obsessive printer like me)and the outcome can be very effective. I'm so enthusiastic about it, I filmed my work on the steam press, Expansion in action!:

Music Masterpieces' Rebirth ...

Here is some progress from my sketchbook and very early studies and looking at typography for the first time.

My recycled sketchbook 'Music Masterpieces' (although I have heard of none of the titles personally lol):

My text message (illustrated):

One of the first exercises we completed:

And another!:

And how could I resist abit of arty nonsense with such a pretty old book?:

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Bradford Textile Society Entry ...

Today I completed my entry for the Bradford Textile Society competition. I was chosen as one of three knit students at my university to be entered into the competition. I have entered one board into a first year contest with two of my knit samples, a number of photographs, a drawing and a spec drawing. I am satisfied with the entry, even if alot of stress has surrounded it. I enjoyed the 'In the Bleak Midwinter ...' project thoroughly and felt it was a nice way to round off the project, and it is quite exciting to be entering my first competition. Rather foolishly I forgot to photograph my entry before it was posted ... however here are the two samples that were selected to be sent:

So good luck to any other entrants and Ill be keeping my eyes and ears open just in case I'm in luck:

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Got me in Stitches ...

And the new project begins! With a Bizarre twist the new project is cleverly called 'Text Styles' and looks at using text within print design. Instantly excited that my love of quoting all things great and knowledgeable may make an impact I was once again involved in an enthusiastic project. In our initial exercise we were asked to select a text message from our phones with a form of statement. I chose the message 'Got me in stitches Alice', not knowing that my entire project would be based upon this message. Various exercises involving this text ensued, involving writing with masking tape, in different scales and using different media.
Our second brief detailed our given colour scheme options and told us we would be conducting our project on this text or an element taken from it. A rapid mass panic ensued regarding creating fashion prints from the most bizarre things ...

In the bleak midwinter ... Long Ago.

Crit for 'In the Bleak Midwinter ...' was today. Presenting all of my work was enjoyable as ever and it felt especially strange to observe everyone elses knit and weave compared to my own and how differently everyone interpreted the brief. This project struck me especially as very personal to everyone and the ways in which the brief has been interpreted are so different. Some people have chosen to look at colour, texture or pattern, I personally chose texture.
Here are some photographs of my mounted samples on display and of my finished sleeve and neck ruff:



Kindly Modeled by Nat.