Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dissertation Result

As history and the written word are very important elements of my life, I approached my Dissertation with passion and drive, striving to achieve the highest grade possible, as context is a very important, and personal module to me. Today I discovered that I have achieved an A-, so with relentless work, I can still thankfully achieve a First in my Degree.

If anyone would like to read my dissertation, please contact me, however your likely to find it rather dry if you have no interest in the French Revolution, current social issues, or Textiles :)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Stanton Moor

A new year and already guilty of a nice, long walk. My good friend Lynn and I went on a 7 mile walk around Stanton Moor and Rowsley, to get some fresh air, indulge in the countryside and have a good chat. Despite the cold weather the walk was a great one, with some stunning views, and I finally got the chance to visit The Nine Ladies stone circle, which Ive wanted to see for a number of years. A beautiful place, sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be on the doorstep of the Peak District!

(And I couldnt resist a little brave tomfoolery on a rope swing we discovered during our walk)