Friday, 30 April 2010

Bradford Awards Nearing ...

A week today is the Bradford Textiles Society Awards ceremony. I must admit to being very excited at the prospect of meeting other Junior designers from all over the country. The occasion has arose for me to wear a dress! Something uncommon for me but I am eagerly awaiting the event and the formal chance to congratulate all fellow Derby Uni winners. Naturally you can expect some photos to emerge next weekend, so watch this space! And now I return to work on my final project of year one, Weave.

The great outdoors ...

As a faint trace of the English summer begins to slowly emerge any reason to photograph out in the sunshine is a good reason. And what better cause than displaying my Curious skirts. Inspired partially by Alison Willoughby's skirt photographs and by the themes of Alice in Wonderland I ventured out into my garden one sunny afternoon to photography my finished skirts:

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Closer & Closer ...

Once again I couldnt resist taking a few arty photographs of my 'Text Styles' project. As I mount up my samples and get ready to display for Crit photographing some of my favourite elements is just too much of a temptation (I even got slightly carried away and started involving my treasured 1970s copy of Alice in Wonderland!):

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Illustration Experimentation ...

During my 'Text Styles' project I experimented with Illustration.
Illustration is something Ive never really done specifically, so I found it an enjoyable experience.
Here are a few of my illustrations:

I attempted to incorporate the modern slant of illustrators such as Sara Fanelli within my work.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Second Prize in Bradford Textile Society Competition ...

Well, it was certainly a shock to say the least when I was given my mail last week! Thinking nothing of the brown envelope and expecting nothing more than more election propaganda I tore it open. Much to my amazement my eyes immediately focused on the words '2nd Prize in section K3'. In utter shock I read the letter thoroughly. Well, in my previous post I had commented 'just in case I'm in luck' but never imagined I would be!

Congratulations to the 6 other students from the University of Derby who also won prizes or commendations. A full list of all winners can be seen here:

Many thanks to the Society for looking kindly upon my designs and Jackie and Kay for putting me forward for the competition.